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Road to Success

The purpose of Road to Success is to improve the literacy skills of K-6 grade students through incentivized daily reading tracking. We are devoted to seeing students improve academically by rewarding their educational accomplishments in partnership with their schools. We know that students who develop an independent reading habit early will more readily achieve their future academic and career goals.

How it Works…


School administrators and teachers enroll on rtsutah.org and roster their students.

Track Progress

Parents and teachers can track their students’ reading progress.

Earn Prizes

As they read, students log their minutes – earning badges, streaks, and prizes!

Our Impact

Explore our impact map to see the Utah schools currently using Road to Success! Utilize our Enrollment page to request a new school and/or district.

Click the button below to request Road to Success at your school or district.

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Take a Look Inside the Program

Congratulations to this year’s bike giveaway winners and grand prize electric scooter winner! We are so proud of all of the students who participated in our giveaways and admire their passion for literacy. These students have shown that hard work and dedication really do pay off! We hope that your new rides inspire you to continue exploring the world around you, both in books and in real life! ❤️📚⭐

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